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The AM Wrestling Awards           See The 2012 Results / ClickHere -->

The 2013 Catagories are:
Best Wrestler of 2013
Daniel Bryan
Best Team/Stable of 2013
The Rhodes
(Cody & Goldust)
Best PPV of 2013
WrestleMania 29
Most Disappointing Star '13
Best Feud of 2013
Best Diva of 2013
AJ Lee

PLUS 2 Local awards (NY/NJ):

Best Local Indy Promotion: OTW (Old Time Wrestling)

Most charitable Local Indy Promotion : IWF

Best Rookie of 2013
Roman Reigns
Best Match of 2013
CM Punk vs. Brock Lesner
(SummerSlam 2013)

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Most Improved Star '13
Best Promotion of 2013
Ring of Honor (ROH)
-Fans Tie Breaker-
Best Mouth of 2013
Paul Heyman
Best Weekly Show 2013
Breakout Star of 2013
The Shield
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