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09/23/14 - 04/03/12

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9/23/14 Show - Recap of Raw, Night Of Champions, and Legends of the Ring.


The Alan & Mike Show is Live as we recap the Legends show, Night of Champions, and Raw

9/20/14 Show - (Live from Legends of the Ring) - Jim Molineaux, ECW original Ref and owner of Old Time Wrestling (OTW), joined us LIVE at LOTR to be our guest host as we spoke about WWE, Night Of Champions, John Cena, Brock Lesner, Paul Heyman, the old ECW days, and so much more!! Plus a tons of special guests joined us on the air during the show including Shad (of Cryme Tyme), Bill Apter, Teddy Long, X-Pac, Sunny, Howard Finkle, and many more!!


8/26/14 ShowWe welcomed Shannon Rose (The Voice of EA Sports MMA Wrestling) plus we recapped Raw and take a deeper look at the future for Brock Lesner, John Cena, the former Shield memebers, and more. Plus we looked ahead at Night of Champions.


8/19/14 ShowThe Alan & Mike Show RETURNS LIVE to the air after a 2 month hiatus to recap WWE SummerSlam 2014 & Raw (8/18/14), Brock Lesner wins the WWE Title, Nikki's heel turn, Roman Reigns, and much more.


6/7/14 Show - "Live from Legends of the Ring" - The Alan & Mike Show - Wrestling Talk / We talk the state of wrestling, WWE, TNA, and much more all live from LOTR. Plus Jim Molineaux (ECW Original Ref & Owner of the OTW) calls in to talk wrestling with us!!


5/6/14 Show - "WWE Extreme Rules Review" - The Alan & Mike Show - Live Wrestling Talk / Recap of WWE Extreme Rules and our predictions of the next month of wrestling.

4/22/14 Show - 1:30pm: We welcome KEYSTONE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING LLC  (KCW)'s One half of the tag team called "Bad Karma", The Madd Man Kahreem to the show plus we recap the past few Raw's since WM30 and the lead up to Extreme Rules!!


4/10/14 Show - We look back at the life and work of one of the 90's biggest superstar The Ultimate Warriror plus we recap WrestleMania 30, Raw, and look forward at what the WWE can be the rest of 2014!!


4/4/14 Show We looked at the Road to WrestleMania 30 as we get ready for the biggest Wrestling Event of the year!!


2/25/14 Show We recapped the Eleimination Chamber PPV, Raw, and we look forward to WrestleMania XXX and the road to the biggest PPV of the year!!


01/31/14 Show - "CM Punk-Walks...?" - Breaking News - CM Punk leaves WWE and we will be on the air to talk about it - Twitter is a buzz - and Mike is back on the air too...


01/28/14 Show - The Alan & Mike 2nd Annual AM Wrestling Award Show - Jim Molineaux (ECW Original Ref & Owner of the OTW) & Wrestling Superstar Lord Everett Devore join us!! Plus we will recap Royal Rumble, Batista winning, the Night after Raw, and more!!


01/23/14 Show - Lucha Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment's president and CEO, Lance Cardoza, and

LuchaStars, "Mr. Athletic" Jeff Cobb, who is also a former Olympic wrestler join Alan & Mike - The LXW has big things planned for 2014, including the first Internet pay-per-view of the year, the Gold Cup Tag Team Tournament and more!! Plus we talk to Lance about the WWE Network, Jeff about the 2004 Summer olympics and so much more!! And all the WWE news and talk as normal!


01/07/14 ShowSpecial Guest Brian Papa, a computer programmer from New York City, and a wrestling fan for over 25 years. We will get all the info on his Kickstarter for a new iOS game, a Pro Wrestling Promoter simulator - Also we will recap that last few weeks of 2013 and start of 2014 for the WWE, TNA, and a few Indy Promotions, PLUS we look at WWE's Royal Rumble PPV. We will talk about the progress of the road to WrestleMania, roumors of WWE TV programming changes, TNA's contiuned issues, and so much more!! Plus the return of Batista and Jake Roberts on Raw!!


12/17/13 ShowWe will recap that past month (Nov/Dec 2013) of wrestling (WWE, TNA, and Indy Promotions), PLUS we look at WWE's TLC PPV and the Raw to follow. We also will talk about the Title unification, the main event scene in WWE, TNA's contiuned problems, and we look forward to the Road to WrestleMania 30, including Royal Rumble, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and much more to discuss!! We also speak to Wacko Bob about current wrestling topics!


11/26/13 Show - We talked WWE, TNA, ROH, FCW, Indy Promotions, and so much more!! Plus we talk whatever comes to mind!!


11/5/13 ShowWe will recap Raw - The Hogan rumors and WM30 plans - TNA and the sale off stories continue... Plus More!!


10/30/13 Show - We recap Hell in a Cell and the Raw to follow... Plus TNA for sale?!


10/22/13 Show - We recap the past week of the WWE, TNA, and some Indy promotions... Including the final push to Hell in a Cell and Pro & Indy wrestling news!!

10/15/13 Show - We recap the past Raw, look forward to Hell in a Cell, and go over the past weeks WWE, TNA, and of coruse Pro & Indy wrestling news.


10/8/13 Show - We recap the Battleground PPV and last night's RAW. What is the future of the WWE title... Will Daniel Bryan be the face of the WWE and much more! Plus the return of John Cena!!

10/5/13 Show - Special LIVE Show LIVE from Legends of the Ring 17 Pro Wrestling Fanfest at the Crowne Plaza in Monroe, NJ We spoke WWE, TNA, and much more plus Brian Shields, Author of the WWE Encyclopedia and other WWE projects, joined us. Also special guests Bill Aptor (Ledgendary Wrestling Historian), "Primetime" Sam Roberts (Talent from the Opie and Anthony Show, host of various SiriusXM and Podcast shows), Michael Manna (aka: Stevie Richards - ECW Original, WWE past wrestler, host of the T4 show, and certified DDP Yoga instructor. Plus much more... Fans come by... And we chat everything wrestling... Plus we look at the Battleground PPV and the future of the WWE.

9/20/13 Show - (Special Friday 3:30pm Est. Show) We recap Night of Champions and the past weeks of WWE and TNA Wrestling. Plus Pro and Indy wrestling news.

9/12/13 Show - Alan & Mike review past week of werstling!! Plus we get ready for Night of Champions.

9/3/13 Show - Alan & Mike look back at the last week of WWE and TNA - The Bryan/HHH saga contiunes!!

8/27/13 Show - We recap Raw, Smackdown, TNA, and much more!! Plus we welcomed Lucha Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment's CEO Lance Cardoza, as well as one of the LXW's top LuchaStars, "God of War" Kratos!!

8/22/13 Show - Alan & Mike recap SummerSlam, Raw, and much more!!

8/13/13 Show - Alan & Mike return after a short hiatus to recap that past few weeks of amazing WWE wrestling!! We discussed Punk/Lesner/Heyman, Cena/Bryan, Wyatt Family, Shield, and so much more! Plus the TNA problems, a look forward at SummerSlam, and we spoke to Wakco Bob about TNA and WWE topics near the end of our show...


7/16/13 Show - We Recapped WWE's Money in the Bank and the following night of Raw!!

7/11/13 Show - Preview of Money in the Bank!!

7/5/13 Show - Alan and Mike review the past week of wrestling. Another big Raw to review and more!! Plus TNA money problems... will this lead to Sting at WM30??

6/26/13 Show - What's next for Cena, Punk, The Shield, and more!! Plus we will review Raw and more

6/18/13 Show - We recap Payback & Raw, look at WWE & TNA news, check out the Indy events coming, plus more!!

6/12/13 Special Wednesday Show - Alan & Mike recap Legends of the Ring 16, review Raw, and look ahead at TNA Impact and WWE Payback!!

06/08/13 Show (Special 2 hour Show) - Alan & Mike were LIVE from Legends of the Ring 16 Pro Wrestling Fanfest on June 8th, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza in Monroe, NJ - We spoke all things wrestling including the youth movement in the WWE, TNA, Indy news, plus Marc Mero called in and talked wrestling. Bonus Howard Finkel joined us during our show!

06/04/13 Show - Alan & Mike tlak Smackdown, TNA's Slammiversary, and 6/3/13 edition of Raw. We discuss Curtis Axle and the use of the WWE App. Plus at the end of the show A&M test the equipment for the June 8th Show!!

5/28/13 Show - Alan & Mike  welcome's FWE star Angelina Love live on the show to talk about the bug June 21st FWE show in NY and her thoughts on the wrestling business! Plus Raw review and more!!

5/23/13 Show - (SPECIAL THURSDAY SHOW) Alan & Mike talk WWE Extreme Rules and The Shield, use of Instant Replay, Raw, and more!!

5/14/13 Show - Alan & Mike welcome special guest co-host wrestling veteran Lord Everat Devore to talk about the current topics in wrestling and to help us review the past week of wrestling!


5/07/13 Show - Alan & Mike welcomed Marc Mero @MarcMero to talk wrestling and what he is working on now! Plus we look back at the last week of wrestling and look forward to Extreme Rules.

4/30/13 Show - The Alan & Mike Show welcome Jim Molineaux (ECW Original Ref & Owner of the OTW) to discuss the state of the WWE and the wrestling business in general. Is Triple H bad for the WWE? Are there any Indy promotions ready to go national? Can TNA compete with WWE? Will the current Main Event stars of the WWE help put over younger talent for the future? All this and more!! Plus Alan & Mike review the last two weeks of wrestling!! (Special 90 min show)

4/16/13 Show - We review Raw and continue to look at the fallout from Mania!! Plus is Batista returning whats new for Ziggler, is Ryback a heel now, and the future of The Rock, Triple H, CM Punk, Cena, Undertaker, and more!!

4/9/13 Show - We recap WrestleMania weekend including; Hall of Fame 2013, Axxess, all the side events, and of course WrestleMania 29 - Special 90 minuite show!!

4/7/13 Show - WrestleMania 29  Post Show Wrap Up - Live from Metlife Stadium in NJ.

4/4/13 Show - Special WWE Axxess Coverage - Live from Izod Center in NJ.

4/2/13 Show - (90 min show) - We welcome  Michael Manna (aka: Stevie Richards) to talk tech and wrestling and he gives us his honest feeling on the business!! Also we welcome Eric Tapout (Owner/Promoter of Pro Wrestling Syndication - PWS) to talk about the big PWS shows over WM Weekend and to talk about the business in general. Plus we preview WrestleMania 29 and review last nights big Raw!!

3/27/13 Show - Kevin Knight joins us to discuss the return of the IWF on April 13th and WrestleMania plus all the weeks wrestling news.

3/12/13 Show  - "Raw Re-Cap Show" Alan & Mike review 3/11 Raw including CM Punk interrupting Undertaker's tribute to Paul Bearer and much more!!

3/11/13 Show -  Lisa Belkov-Snyder of "LIVE with Lisa!" joins us to discuss the removal of Wrestling from the 2020 Olympic Games and the impact on Pro Wrestling plus we continue to countdown to WrestleMania 29!! Plus we look at the amazing life of Willaim "Paul Bearer" Moody.

3/5/13 Show - We get closer to WrestleMania plus we discuss the "Old School Raw" show and the return of The Undertaker!!

2/26/13 Show - We review past week of wrestling and continue to look ahead to WrestleMania 29!!

2/19/13 Show - We review the Elimination Chamber and the fallout on Raw. Try to make sense of the direction of WrestleMania 29. Plus other TNA, Indy, and wrestling news.

2/12/13 Show - Alan & Mike take a look at the last two weeks of wrestling including Raw and TNA hits the road! Plus we look forward to Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 29. And was Punk out of line with his "Twitter Comments"...

​1/30/13 Show - Special LIVE show - We reviewed 2013 Royal Rumble, Cena's win, and the fallout from Raw including the return of Brock. Plus we look at the future of  WrestleMania 29 with all the results of the past 2 nights shows!!

1/29/13 Show - We look back at the Royal Rumble including Punk/Rock and a Cena Rumble win, we review the Raw after, including Brock Lesner's return, and much more!! Plus we welcome special guest and FWE star Brian Kendrick talking wrestling and the upcoming FWE show Feb 16th in Brooklyn.

1/22/13 Show - We review the past week of wrestling including the Raw 20th show, the Raw from 1/21/13, TNA and the big Taz turn, and we look forward to the 2013 Royal Rumble. Plus any more updates on match predictions for WrestleMania?

1/15/13 Show - We had to skip this show due to circumstates beyond our control - BUT we return with a LIVE show on 1/22/13 to review Raw 20th plus the past week of wrestling and more!!

1/8/13 Show - Alan & Mike return to our normal Tuesday LIVE show at 2pm - We will review the big Jan 7th Raw, look forward to the 20th anniversary Raw on Jan 14, look at the Rumble, Mania, and the return of The Rock!! Plus Snitsky joins Alan & Mike on Jan 8th at 2pm - We will discuss his career, working with the WWE, and what he is doing now!!

1/3/13 Show - Special Thursday Show - First Alan & Mike show of 2013, we return LIVE to recap 2012 and look forward at 2013, including Rumble, WM29, Rock/Punk, and more!! Plus Scooda joins us to talk music and wrestling - His new single "What I Do" is now available - check him out at:

12/27/12 Show - Special Thursday Show - A&M Interviews - With a live intro and then we play the most requested interviews of 2012 on the Alan & Mike Show (including DDP, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Stevie Richards; aka: Michael Manna, and Jim Molineaux).

12/19/12 Show - The A&M Wrestling Awards with guest host @LordDeVore joining us for the show! We recap the 2012 year of wrestling and vote on the various categories for our first ever award show. 

12/11/12 Show - One week to TLC, we look forward to the PPV, The Shield steps in for an injured CM Punk at TLC, Punk's knee, Cena/Ziggler, and we review the past week of wrestling. Plus Special Guest: SHAWN COLONNA – Founder of Fight the Battle Ministry and Pro Wrestling Enthusiast. We spoke to Shawn about the issues wrestlers deal with outside the ring, how to get help, and more. Plus we spoke to Shawn about all the hot topics of wrestling today including the direction of the WWE.

12/4/12 Show - We review the last week of the WWE, TNA, ROH, and more. We look back on the big D2W benefit show. We look forward to TLC. And Michael Manna (FKA: Stevie Richards) will be on to talk about the best technology gifts for the holidays ( and being on the T4 show. Plus we are sure to get some ECW, WCW, WWE, and TNA chat in the mix! We spoke The top tech gifts & lots of great wrestling topics including who held the WWF Hardcore title more Richards or Raven!!

11/27/12 Show -  Jake "The Snake" Roberts joined Alan & Mike - We spoke DDP Yoga, Jake's past and moving on, his future, Stone Cold and King of the Ring, workign with DDP, and much more!! Also we review the last week of wrestling and look forward to the Road to WrestleMania. Did Cena really hurt his knee? Punk & WWE on the outs?

11/20/12 Show - We review Survivor Series, Raw, Smackdown, TNA, and spoke to Gene Fitzpatrick, special ring annoncer, to discuss the D2W Benefit show, wrestling today, the "How I Lost My Finger To Pro Wrestling" story, and more!!

11/13/12 Show - Diamond Dallas Page joined us and spoke about DDP Yoga (, WWE 13, WCW, Wrestling during the Monday Night Wars, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, and more. Plus we review Raw & Turning Point!! And we look forward at the 2012 Survivor Series.

11/6/12 Show - We return LIVE with the Hell In a Cell recap, two weeks of Raw to review, the Punk over Ryback ending at HIAC, Plus much more!! And we talk more about D2W's benefit show coming!! Plus we get to speak to a Rep from RF Video.

10/23/12 Show - Punk/Ryback at Hell In a Cell, we continue to look at this match. The fallout of Bound for Glory is looked over. Cena's Injury update. Hogan Vs. Bubba; updates on this situation. Plus we review the past week of wrestling. And very important D2W (Indy) Wrestling show coming!! The Jersey Devil of D2W will be joining us to discuss the D2W show & wrestling today!

10/16/12 Show - Alan & Mike review the last week of wrestling, continue to monitor the John Cena injury and it's possible effect on Hell in a Cell, we recap TNA's Bound for Glory  and we continue to follow the CM Punk/fan incident.

10/9/12 Show - Alan & Mike return to review the last two weeks of wrestling and upcoming Hell in a Cell!! Plus we will talk about Edge upseting WWE mgmt, Cesaro's future push, Ryback's big fail on Raw, and CM Punks new role as top draw on the WWE. Finally Punk hits a fan on Raw (See Video Here), we will discuss!!

9/25/12 Show - Joey Ace of WOW & FWE joins us... Topic of the Week: The state of Tag Teams in Wrestling. We Review Raw and the past week of wrestling. Plus John Cena's injury update & tweets and Beth Phonex is retiring!!

9/18/12 Show - We discuss Jerry Lawler, Should wrestlers have an age limit, should the WWE have stopped RAW after The King feel ill, we review Night of Champions, and we continue to go over the teaming of Punk & Heyman.​

9/11/12 Show - Quick show live from Foxwoods Casino looking at RAW and Jerry Lawlers major news at RAW.

9/4/12 Show - We discuss the question "Did Punk Blade on the 8/27/12 Raw? ", also the 9/3/12 Raw recap, and a look at the past week of wrestling. Plus TOPIC of the WEEK: Can TNA ever truly compete with the WWE? And we will discuss the Punk/Heyman alliance!!

8/28/12 Show - We review the past week of wrestling. Plus we look at the future of Punk, Cena, Big Show, Aces & Eights, and more!! Plus Tyler Reks released, Lesner quits, and Angle's tweet.

8/21/12 Show - We take a look at SummerSlam... Punk defends WWE title. Lesner gets over HHH. Sheamus & Del Rio, a dirty win ends the match. Bryan once again delivers against Kane! Plus we recap Raw, Smackdown, TNA, and Indy news.

8/14/12 Show - Raw 1003, Smackdown, TNA, and Indy wrestling reviewed. Plus we look forward to SummerSlam!! And we will discuss the Kevin Nash interview and Tweeter attacks on the WWE and Chris Jericho. PLUS AW has been released from the WWE, he then went on a Tweeter attack on the company. We discuss this also!! BIG SHOW on Tuesday!!

8/7/12 Show - Raw 1002, Smackdown, TNA, and Indy wrestling reviewed. What's the future of CM Punk, Bryant, WM29, and much more!!Plus HBK Appreciation night, HHH and Lesner are in the house!!


7/31/12 Show - Was the 1001 Raw as good as 1000 or did the 3rd hour hurt Raw? Plus TNA, Smackdown, Indy news, and more!

7/24/12 Show - We recapped the 1000th episode of Raw with our special guest co-host ​Jim ​Molineaux (Legendary ECW ref and OTW creator), who joined us for the full hour. Plus we talk some Indy wrestling including the OTW wrestling club, and some TNA is spoken about.

7/17/12 Show - We recap Money in the Bank, TNA, Raw, Smackdown, and more! Plus we look forward the 1000th Raw and Indy news!!

7/10/12 Show - Alan & Mike return with all new WWE, TNA, and Indy news and updates. Plus we look at Money in the Bank, the 1000th Raw, Destination-X, Austin Aries, and much more!!

6/26/12 Show - We interviewed "The Actors Detective" Chris Lucas... Find out how to contact your faviorate wrestling superstar! Plus all the WWE,
TNA, and Indy news of the week. Plus the outcome of No Way Out and much more!!

6/14/12 Show - We will recap Slammiversary, the return of Vince on a 3hr Raw, Vader returns, and we review the No Way Out card. Plus Indy news and we talk to Brian Shields (Author of the WWE Encyclopedia and other WWE projects).

6/5/12 Show - We interview WOW Warriors of Wrestling's Joey B. He spoke to us about WOW and working with Shane Douglas, Marty Jannetty, and others. Plus we talk about the past week of wrestling news.

5/29/12 Show - ​We speak with former ECW ref and leader of Old Time Wrestling ​Jim Molineaux. We talk about his live shows and his wrestling background. Plus we recap the ​week of wrestling! More on 3hrs of Raw, Tag Teams are starting to pop up and all the Indy Updates!!

5/22/12 Show - We speak with Dr. Daniel Twogood: Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days. He will talk about wrestling injurys and ways to cure ongoing pain! Plus we recap  WWE Over The Limit, RAW goes 3 hours, TNA Impact Live all summer, Brooke Hogan joins TNA - WOW lots to cover!! And all the Indy updates!

5/15/12 Show - **Featured Show on BlogTalkRadio** 

As we get closer to Over the Limit we talk Punk/Bryan.. More on the Heyman / Lesner / HHH story.. Big Show is fired, review the TNA PPV, ROH's iPPV issues, and more!! Plus The Jersey Devil will be our guest to talk about the outcome of the May 12th Fundraising show, the June D2W Shows and talks wrestling with us! PLUS How to get the Kamala Benifit T-Shirt, to help raise funds for the superstar's medical bills!!


​5/10/12 Show - Special 30 minute show promoting the D2W Wrestling's 2nd annual 9/11 Friends of Marty Pro Wrestling Fundraiser (5/12/12) ​

5/8/12 Show - We reviewed Smackdown, TNA, up coming ROH PPV, and of course Raw!! Lesner Quit? Heyman's back! Plus we will played the new song from Scooda, AND MUCH MORE!!


5/1/12 Show - This show we interview Scooda ( Plus we recap Extreme Rules, the 4/30 Raw, and the past weeks Smackdown, TNA, and ROH...

Plus did Cena/Lesner get dumped? Why did such a strong program go from main event, to the scrap board?

4/24/12 Show - Listen to the FULL IWF Wrestling's Kevin Knight Interview

4/19/12 Show - **Featured Show on BlogTalkRadio**

Special Thursday Show featuring guest: IWF Wrestling's Kevin Knight. Kevin has been part of the WWE and has working with some of the top legends in the wrestling business!! This will be a GREAT interview!! Plus we will talk about the big IWF One-Night-Only Hit n' Run Live Event w/ WWE Legends, April 28, in Nutley NJ Plus the regular fun we have on the show!!

4/17/12 Show - We recap the past week of wrestling

4/10/12 Show - We will recap last weeks Raw, TNA, & Smackdown plus we will talk more about the Rock's WWE title prediction, Lesner's return, Cena's future, Punk/Jericho, and much more... YES YES YES YES!! PLUS twitter was a buzz about the Top 5 wrestlers of all time, what do you think it is?

4/3/12 Show - The First Alan & Mike show on BlogTalkRadio... The Audio is a little choppy, since we were still testing new equipment out!!  We recap last nights Raw (4/2/12), WrestleMania 28, Rock/Cena, the return of Brock & Albert! Plus much more!!

Click the PLAY button for the last BlogTalk Show... or click on one of the past shows... And Enjoy!

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