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Alan & Mike Return 9/10/15

Alan & Mike started a talk show in 2003, with a demo tape. This was sent to various locations, and a website "Live365" sent the guys a letter asking to join. So in 2004 Alan & Mike went live on the air! At this time "AJC Rock Radio" was also created as the home radio station of Alan & Mike. With the weekly 1hr show, and the rock music of today playing on AJC Rock Radio, the station did well. But costs to keep the station became to much, and in early 2006, AJC Rock Radio ended it's broadcast. This left Alan & Mike without a home... A&M had a few shows every so often, hosted directly on thier website, but still the duo was unhappy with the situation.

Finally the guys teamed up with in 2010 and after getting everything in order, the show went Live full time again in April 2012, with an hourly show every week live.

Due to various reasons the show went on hiatus after the Sept 23rd show in 2014.

On Sept 10th, 2015 almost 1 year late they guys return to thier new home on live streaming once again weekly on this time Thursdays at 12pm and of course you can listen to new and past shows right here on

Enjoy our website here at and the weekly live show streaming on and Podcast (on-demand) episodes available on this website, past shows on and all shows on iTunes (just search: Alan Mike Show). ENJOY!!

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